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Gratitude Challenge Bundle

Gratitude Challenge Bundle

Introducing our gratitude challenge bundle!


Gratitude is a skill that helps people notice and appreciate things in their lives - and in a world with so much chaos and overstimulation - gratitude can prompt us to slow down and recognize the important things that we already have available to us. 


Uniquely designed and tested in therapy - our gratitude challenge covers multiple facets of the skill and incorporates active reflection prompts to consolidate learning! As well as practicing gratitude, this challenge encourages participants to use skills of self-reflection and awareness, mindfulness to the present moment, prosocial skills and altruism, perspective taking, communication and more! 

Suitable for ages 5 to 90 - kids and adults alike can benefit from the practice of gratitude using this tool. Can be utilised individually or within a group setting.


Research in mindfulness and positive psychology has shown strong associations between people who practice gratitude with improvements in overall life satisfaction, mood, better relationships, more productivity, increased health choices and boosted self esteem. See journal 

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